Alejandro Scarpa

I’m an architect with an international doctorate in architecture.

My professional career, in parallel to more than fifteen years in teaching, has allowed me to put forward a culture of “drawing for reflection and communication” by hand, as a common language between engineers and architects.

I combine this activity with storytelling consulting, where I accompany high executives and researchers in their work of popularizing science, both verbally and graphically, for a non-specialized public. My goal is to bring clarity in a complex world.

Some of the companies and institutions I have worked with:

  •     RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop (IT)
  •     T/E/S/S Engineering consulting (FR)
  •     Sclaich Bergermann Partner SPB (FR)
  •     SETEC TPI (FR)
  •     César Pelli & Associates (US)
  •     Architecture Studio (FR)
  •     École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (FR)
  •     Universidad de Alcalá (SP)
  •     École Spéciale d’Architecture (FR)
  •     Universitá Federico II di Napoli (IT)
  •     Universidade de Campinas PUC (BR)
  •     Fundación César Manrique (SP)
  •     Scientific Committee of the journal EGA (Expression Graphique Architecturale) (SP)

(For more details see my linkedin profile)